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Scope of application of Toshiba frequency converter

Scope of application of Toshiba frequency converter

2018/09/17 18:55
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Scope of application of Toshiba frequency converter


Suitable for users who need large start-up torque
Large starting torque is sometimes required for conveyors, lifts, wheelchair escalators and other transport machinery for the disabled. The vf-s11 combines the Toshiba patent control system - current vector calculation control - to generate starting torque of 1hz-200% or above, which provides sufficient leeway for applications requiring large starting torque.
Suitable for users who are bothered by electromagnetic noise
Such as commercial ironing board, car wiper, medical and health unit, welfare homes, surrounding environment and indoor sports machinery used in our daily life, if they produce electromagnetic noise, will generate a lot of interference on the surrounding area, VF - S11 in a noise filter in the cabinet body, thereby greatly reducing the electromagnetic noise, VF - S11 EUEMC instruction standard also.
Suitable for users with limited installation space
Some household devices, including food processing, packaging, as well as the control panel, chemical machinery, printing machine, etc., must be as small as possible, compared with the ordinary type of frequency converter, VF - S11 is already quite small external dimensions, on the other hand, side by side installation means that can save space, further because of two or more devices installed can get very close to each other.
Suitable for users who care a lot about maintenance
The fan, pump, blower and air conditioning equipment must be maintained regularly, the vf-s11 monitors the expected date of replacement of maintenance parts, and alerts service personnel as a drafted maintenance guideline, with a design life of 10 years for capacitors in the main circuit. In addition, vf-s11 can also be used at ambient temperatures up to 60 degrees, demonstrating excellent environmental tolerance.
Suitable for users who need extensibility
Sometimes, users have to control and monitor the system through communication, such as the air conditioning system in the building and the control system on the production line. Because of the high expansibility, vf-s11 USES dismountable control terminal board, which enables users to easily install the selected communication board (rs-485,Device Net and LONWORKS).
It is suitable for users who have wide requirements on the capacity and range of models
In order to obtain spare parts and facilitate the maintenance of mechanical equipment, the biggest advantage of vf-s11 for frequency converters in this group is its wide capacity and its maximum capacity is up to 15kw. vf-s11 is fully enclosed and can be used in harsh environments vulnerable to large amounts of water and dust.