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Yechao electric drive technology (Shanghai) co. LTD

Ychao electric drive technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., founded in May 2013, is a company engaged in the r&d, sales and technical service of industrial intelligent manufacturing, mainly engaged in the r&d, sales and technical service of industrial intelligent manufacturing. The company has the third-level qualification of professional contracting of construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering...


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Energy saving frequency conversion renovation of the plant power equipment air compressor, remote Internet big data, plant mechanical and electrical equipment and pressure pipeline installation engineering services

Industrial intelligent manufacturing integrated solution


Celebrate the launch of the company website!
My company after a period of preparation, the site of production in can officially launched today, to strengthen publicity, improve the image of the company and the leadership of the company's support
2018-10-24 14:17
Causes and treatment of overheat and overload failure of frequency converter
Example: one AMB 22kW frequency converter is reflected in the customer about half an hour of operation. OH” . Analysis and maintenance: since the failure occurs after a period of operation, it is unli
2018-09-17 18:59
Smart manufacturing's next frontier: industrial intelligence
Industry is divided into process industry and discrete industry. The biggest differences between the two are the degree of automation of production, the availability of data and the complexity
2018-09-17 18:58